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Apolo Surgical has been promoted by group of entrepreneurs with about 8 years total involvement in the medical devices industry. In its modern production facilities located in pollution free environment, Apolo has modern equipment for the production of medical devices. The "TOTAL QUALITY" of products is the strategic target which Apolo pursues through the integration of the most advanced technologies applied to the molding, extrusion, assembly, packaging and sterilization. All the productive phases are carried out in clean room environments. The benefits for our customers consist in the extremely flexible production runs, in the excellent quality and lower costs. For these reasons Apolo name is synonymous with safety.

Manufacturing and Production Capabilities

From Concept to finished product, Apolo has the design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to create innovative solutions that meet each customer's unique and exacting specifications. In the challenging arena of medical device manufacturing, Apolo has been recognized for as commitment to total quality that is reflected in highly skilled personnel and continued dedication to innovation.

World Class Certifications and Controls

• Materials Requirements 
• Planning (MRP) 
• Total Quality Management 
• Product & Process Validation
• Statistical Process Control
• Strict Adherence to National and International Product Specifications

Medical Specialities

• Transfusion
• Surgery
• Gastroentrology
• Urology
• Anaesthesia
• Miscelleneous


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